This is me.

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Here are some facts about me. I love 90’s music especially hip hop and there’s a good chance I’ll show up to your shoot wearing a Notorious Big shirt. I also live for classic rock and country music (thanks Dad). I have been listening to Chris Stapleton’s Starting Over album on repeat as I edit these days. I drink entirely too much coffee.

Hi!! I am Tasha, I am a photographer based in Colwood, in a city just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island.
I love to travel all over this beautiful island of ours! Especially when it involves spending my time off camping and exploring all the island has to offer with my family!
I have 3 amazing kids (Lauren, Rory and Raelen),  a husband (Kevin), 2 doggos (Stitch a lab mix and Maui a dachshund) and 2 bunnies (Edward and Bella).



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plus a bunch of fish

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I am low key obsessed with Tik Tok . I have 3 vehicles one of which is an 81 Volkswagen convertible rabbit that I traded a photoshoot for! Now my husband gets to help me restore it 🤣. My very first car was an 89 cabriolet that I had for 11 years before selling I am beyond excited to get this one on the road! I love race cars and racing. I grew up with it and I actually met my husband at South Sound speedway in Tenino Washington. I have never watched the Bachelor but won’t miss an episode of Rust Valley Restorers.

When we were kids, my dad would decorate his house HUGE for Christmas. It was one of our favourite things to do - helping him string old-school blue and red bulbs all the way through. 
He used to do a huge tree in the backyard and dangerously string up the lights so that the condos next to us would have lights to look at. When he stopped doing it, the neighbours wrote into the paper how sad they were that the big tree wasn't lit up for them anymore. 

When my hubby Kevin and I got together, we were so broke our first Christmas together. Nevertheless we bought an inflatable snoopy on his doghouse (we still have that) on our small condo patio. 
It's grown from there every year and now we have a yard and have built it up into a neighbourhood hit - an homage to my father. He loves looking at it every year and brings Grandma too! 


Scrunched Noses and Belly Laughs.

Those are the moments that create the memories.
As you can relate, having them still and looking at the camera is rare - I want to remember how their personalities really were at each age and having authentic photographs to represent that is priceless.



My youngest baby!
The baby I prayed and wished for so hard, that took 3 years of trying and tears...6 rounds of fertility treatments to be told it wasn’t working. But that last round did!

You are such a blessing my sweet child...and words will never really convey our love for you!!


My Heart.

Being in the backyard with my family, being goofy is what we're all about.
As I write this, I can hear them out there running around and playing. 


Saturday Nights

We love to hang out at the speedway.
Most of the time I am in the stands with the kids
but sometimes I'm in the pits. 
Either way, I always bring my camera to grab
the action! 



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